Lyne Cootes

Wood Carver


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Lyne Des Rosiers was born in Montreal and as a child lived in multiple towns throughout Quebec and France. She remembers meeting people of all types, from European childhood friends to Gypsies who once lived across the street. Taking inspiration from the gypsies, after her graduation from the Fine Arts program at Joliette Cegep, Lyne followed her inspiration to the west coast.


When Lyne arrived in Tofino, she was inspired to create wind chimes out of red cedar. The first step was to buy the equipment. She went to the Co-op Hardware for a hand drill. A man approached Lyne and offered to help the lost girl in the hardware store. Lyne informed him that she had never worked with wood and explained her creative need to create wooden wind chimes. He looked down at her and asked why she didn't make a bowl instead. He then invited Lyne to his home on Chesterman's beach.

 Lyne had no expectations of this man, but when she walked into his carving shed, her jaw dropped in awe. This humble man was Henry Nolla, a Tofino master carver. He welcomed Lyne to join him in the trade of wood carving. Lyne jumped at the chance to live a life less ordinary to learn the art of wood carving from this man.


For the next 4 years Lyne assisted Henry on many projects ranging  from wooden bowls to totem poles. In return Henry taught Lyne how to hone her skills, properly make carving tools and helped her acquire wood for her projects. It was not long before Lyne's carving abilities shifted from apprentice to co-worker, working on her own artwork with the assistance of Henry and becoming herself a known master carver.

Artist Statement

"If I related synchronicity to my work, I would refer it to moments in time where the theme that I am carving seem to be manifesting something in the 'already existing' world. This is all happening around me. When I carve a raven, I will hear the ravens."