Susan Duplan

Painter, Mixed Media

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I have always been fascinated with coastlines. British Columbia gives me vast opportunity to explore this fascination through art.

This meeting place of land and sea is like no other, holding a unique energy and mystery.

Like all nature, coastlines can teach us lessons, bringing insight into our lives. With a coastline, we are on the very edge of the environment that as humans, we can live on: land. However, that special interface of land and sea, I feel, brings us abruptly to a place of personal examination, musing, releasing, replenishing, and the full spectrum of human emotion - all this while the ocean rolls in, massaging our minds. Washing through us, it reminds us consciously or unconsciously we, too, are created of water.

Working with the texture, smell and sound of sand, I am connected to place. The small crystals of sand hold the essence of this coastline.
- Susan Duplan

Artist Statement

"I thrive by the water. I grew up on the shores of Lake Huron playing in the woods, the water and the sand. Later in life I moved to British Columbia. The beach or land by the sea is a fascinating interface between two worlds like no other. As a child I found it magical and I still do. I find it fitting that I use sand in my paintings, the actual material from the merging of two worlds. Sand could not exist without the sea and vice versa. The act of painting with sand is like time traveling for me. I become a child with memories of sand castles, digging, rolling and swimming over the sand. The sand literally grounds me to the place, and the essence of that beach rushes into me."
- Susan Duplan -