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Island Presence
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Price: $200.00
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Island Presence

"The uniqueness of an island fascinates me. No two islands are the same even in the same geographic area. Like people they are all different and yet share many similarities. Islands proudly or forlornly stand alone against the elements. They can provide refuge or a prison. The ocean swirls about them, and while some stay firmly rooted in terra firma, others shake and grow with lava and eruption - like people. Sometimes we need to take refuge in ourselves, other times we need to break free of own own constraints; still other times we need to re-invent ourselves and grow amidst the swirling ocean of life." -Susan Duplan

Beach sand is used in this mixed medium painting to create a unique texture in the painting and bring to it the essence of the area.

Product code: 107-20t
Medium: Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas/Coastal Beach Sand
Width: 6"
Depth: 1 1/2"
Height: 6"

Meet the artist

Duplan, Susan

Duplan, Susan

I have always been fascinated with coastlines. British Columbia gives me vast opportunity to explore this fascination through art. This meeting place of land and sea is like no other, holding a unique energy and mystery. Like all nature, coa...

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