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Mermaid Energy - Energy Series #2
  • Mermaid Energy
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Mermaid Energy - Energy Series #2

" 'The Energy Series' was spawned by the Pacific west coast: ocean, mountains, wildlife and my ongoing interest in quantum physics. As a kayaker I have been inspired by many forms of sea life: sea worms, jelly fish, orcas and seals. The ocean has also inspired me to ponder life forms that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Life that is present also in space, inside other creatures and within the human body. Upon investigation all these worlds have many similarities in shape, form and colour. They also have common forms of communication. It makes me think of the flower of Life, the divine blueprint that is inherent in all things. Everything is connected with an energy unseen to the eye.
As a younger woman I belonged to the Mermaid Club, a secret club with it's very own password."
- Susan Duplan

Sand is used in this mixed-medium painting to create a textured relief.

Product code: 107-4d
Medium: Original Acrylic Painting on Professional Wood Panel/Beach Sand
Width: 28 !/2"
Height: 38 3/4"

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Duplan, Susan

Duplan, Susan

I have always been fascinated with coastlines. British Columbia gives me vast opportunity to explore this fascination through art. This meeting place of land and sea is like no other, holding a unique energy and mystery. Like all nature, coa...

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