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Sold OutRaven and Moon
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Raven and Moon

Snaw-naw-as Nation artist Brian Bob has hand carved another stunningly beautiful work of art here. The hand carved Raven's body is stained dark contrasting the natural wood colour of the moon with abalone shell inlay.

"In many First Nations legends Raven is a trickster who helped create the world. In one legend, Raven stole Sun, Moon, Stars, Fire and Water from Grey Eagle, the Guardian. However, the Moon was too heavy for he threw it into the sky, providing us with its silvery light in the night. Raven was originally snow-white but, while carrying Fire, his feathers were turned black by the smoke."

Product code: BO-1j
Medium: Hand Carved Aka Sugar Pine/Inlaid Abalone Shell
Width: 7 1/4"
Depth: 3/4"
Height: 23"

Meet the artist

Bob, Brian

Bob, Brian

Brian Bob's Indian name is Qwuyutsapool, a Nuu-chah-nulth derived tradional name which translates in English to 'policer of the wolves'. Brian honours the heritage of both his mother and father in his work. His mother, Fran Touchie, is from the...

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