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Sea Lyre

"Sea Lyre was created after finding oyster shells that reminded me of medieval stringed instruments perfect for the mermaids of legend."- Kris Walker -

Sitting poised, and in her element, a mermaid plays her beautiful and haunting music on a lyre made from a shell. Recycled fabric wrapped around a wire frame brings to life this enchanting mixed media; blue, gold and purple mermaid sculpture hand crafted on Vancouver Island by artist Kris Walker.

Product code: 219-2d
Medium: Mixed Media/Recycled Fabric/Stone

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Walker, Kris

Walker, Kris

"Art has always been a large part of my life. From the time I could hold a crayon I was always drawing and creating. When I was eight, my mom plopped a lump of clay in front of me and told me to 'make something'. That became a defining moment in m...

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