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Sold OutSisiuth and Moon Platter
  • Sisiuth and Moon Platter
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Sisiuth and Moon Platter

Sisuilth and the Moon 'Embraced'

"Sisuilth is a sea serpent representing the positive and the negative of who you are. The negative side is like the thief in the alley, that voice in your head that tells you you are a failure and suppresses your potential. The positive side tells you that you must embrace though times, the set backs and failures. This will awaken the warrior within. In order to accomplish your dreams you must first wake up and embrace life and claim what belongs to you."

" The moon is for wisdom. A time to reflect on our past experiences, knowing that all experiences in life positive and negative must be embraced and dealt with or we will always be victims. If we acknowledge them we will be set free from bindings that have held us back for so long. So sad it would be to reach the point of death only to realize I have not lived" - Fred Anderson Jr. -

This piece is a collaboration or three Vancouver Island artist"

Native Sisuilth and moon design by Fred Anderson Jr. Heiltsuk and Owikeena First Nations from Bella Bella, British Columbia

Pyrograph (wood burning) by artist Brenda Chalifoux-Luscome, Comox Valley

Wood Turning by woodworker Courtney Powell, Comox Valley

Product code: 16-13w
Medium: Figured Maple Wood / Wood Burned
Width: 18"
Height: 2"