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Surprised By A Seal
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Surprised By A Seal

"When I was living near Ventura, California, seals were often in the surf checking us out with their big playful eyes. Sometimes, as I was paddling, one would suddenly pop its head up out of the water, so close to my board that I was startled, and then it would just watch me." - Becky Luth

Product code: 212-1t
Medium: Giclee Print on Canvas
Length: 20"
Height: 16"

Meet the artist

Luth, Becky

Luth, Becky

Becky grew up in rural Montana on a farm, having no knowledge of the ocean - or art for that matter. But at an early age she knew she wanted to be a marine biologist. While driving the tractor in the fields or walking through the grain pulling wee...

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