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Vargas Morning
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Vargas Morning

"Nestled behind the calm waters of Tofino Harbour, and the misty peak of Lone Cone Mountain, Vargas Island is the perfect escape to solitude. A friend of mine moved here some years ago to fulfill a dream of living off the land and off the grid. Moving into an abandoned cedar cabin with a resident cat, he began to transform this hidden place into a home again. Fighting back the ever-encroaching rainforest, he created gardens, trails and cut many cords of firewood to last through the winter. A cedar sauna was fixed up and cedar shakes were split to repair the cabin and workshop. On crisp winter days we foraged for mussels and clams in the bays at low tide and spent hours stoking the sauna and cooling off in the ocean. No other home I’ve stayed in has felt so peaceful and connected with its environment. My friend now makes beautiful cedar driftwood furniture and has a thriving garden in summer months to share with the community.

This painting is of a giant red cedar tree growing next to the cabin. It is early morning, and smoke from the fireplace lingers in the first beams of sunlight that cut through the canopy. This ancient tree, standing tall after hundreds of years of winter storms represents the strength, determination and ancient wisdom we all need when living in the wild."  - Andrew Talbot -

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Product code: 108-VM
Medium: Art Prints and Cards of Original Painting

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Talbot, Andrew

Talbot, Andrew

From a young age Andrew Talbot grew up exploring and photographing the far corners of the Vancouver Island. Inspired by years of surf trips, wilderness hikes, and kayaking along west coast, his canvases offer a glimpse into those sacred places tha...

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