Ashleigh Drummond


Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada

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Ashleigh lives on the rugged West Coast of Vancouver Island. She loves exploring and being active in the elements and this is where most of her artistic inspiration comes from. Art has been a major part of Ashleigh's life. She grew up in a family of artists and has been inspired and lovingly supported by them on her creative journey.

Ashleigh followed her passion for art through school. She received various awards from her high school and ended up with an Art Scholarship to Vancouver Island University (VIU). She graduated from VIU with distinction in Visual Arts and Physical Education.

Asleigh enjoys painting places, places that may be meaninful to someone. She wants to take the viewer to a place that reminds them that there is somewhere worth our thoughts, our freedom and our action. We all need a place that brings us back to love, to kindness, to awareness and to the now and she wants to find that place for the viewer. Ashleigh will often be caught sketching on canvas during her wild adventures. She then will take it home to employ a bright coloured backdrop, simple shapes through hand painted lines and vibrant colours leaving hints of the bright backdrop to accompany the finished piece.

Ashleigh inspires towards seeing her creativity move in the direction towards evoking positive change for the environment and ourselves.