Cynthia Newans

Fiber Artist

Ucluelet, BC

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'I have felt a creative force since I was a very young child and have a spiritual connection with rocks and sea shells." - Cynthia Newans -


Trained in Graphic and Visual Arts along with teaching drawing for a number of years, Cynthia has switched gears. Now living in Ucluelet, she finds inspiration through the 3D tactile, texture mediums of traditional rug hooking, weaving and wool felting.

Being a great lover and collector of shells, rocks, driftwood, sea glass and interesting beach findings, Cynthia implements these found treasures into her felting projects. The results are a whimsically earthy representation of a West Coast experience. On every walk she comes home (like a child) with pockets full of treasures.

Working with 'island grown' wool and embellishings to create her art from her Tidal Treasures, she hopes you find your own enchantment and excitement in her pieces.

Artist Statement

'I found a special stone today. It has seen many things and has so many secrets. It is old, worn and mysterious, and has travel for a million years to meet me. I am honoured and privileged to the bottom of my soul. It is a gift. Gently wrapping my fingers around it, I warm and comfort it in the palm of my hand and tuck it in my pocket and take it home. I feel a gentle infinite energy that calls to me and I am connected with my source." - Cynthia Newans -