Kelly Carter

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Kelly Carter

Pryrographic Woodburner, Tree Fungus Artist

Ucluelet, British Columbia

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As a student of art, Kelly Carter attended Malaspina College for a program in commercial art. Today, her heart truly belongs with creating pyrographic art, the art of wood burning. While she enjoys wood burning on various mediums and objects, her preference is for the interesting organic shapes and sizes of tree fungus which are found in heavily wooded areas.

In Clayoquot Sound they grow mainly on hemlock trees although they are known to appear on other species of trees as well. These are shell mushrooms, or better known as artists' conks. Each piece is gently pried from the tree that it has grown on, then wrapped in a jacket or sweater to be carefully carried home. It takes months for each fungus to dry. During this time, Kelly observes and waits for the nature-made, one-of-a-kind canvas to speak to her, offering suggestions as to what image will suit it best.