Ursula Banke


Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

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Immersed in the wild and natural beauty around her, Ursula is deeply inspired by and dedicated to a life-long romance with the west coast of Vancouver Island and, as a self-taught painter, she is challenged to communicate this love of ‘seeing and feeling the spirit', through her watercolour or acrylic paintings.

In 1967, Ursula came to Vancouver Island on a holiday. She fell in love with the ocean, the mountains, and the atmosphere... "This is where I want to live," she decided.

It was through her husband's Christmas present of fine sable brushes, tubes of artist-quality watercolour paint and a block of Arches watercolour paper that Ursula rediscovered her art. She became serious about painting and learning all that she could about this medium. The inspiration came from all aspects of her coastal environment.

Drawing from her mind's eye, she connects to the beauty of her environment and her passion for inspiration. Through suggestion and impression, she tries to capture movement, light and atmosphere. Her joy is when an image communicates with someone that awesome 'west coast' feeling.

Artist Statement

My artistic goals are to become a master of the watercolour and acrylic medium, to continue to explore my interpretation of what inspires me about living here on the west coast and to share my inspiration of this unique and truly amazing place.