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Frog Fascination
  • Frog Fascination
  • Frog Fascination
  • Frog Fascination
  • Frog Fascination
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Frog Fascination

"A fascination for frogs, their sounds, their sizes, the belief that they mean wealth and another belief that they mean good luck, lends them to being a good subject for my artwork and photography.

Normally, five frogs would not be found all in one place. There are two toads, one I photographed at the bottom of Waimia Canyon in Kauai, and one I photographed at Kennedy Lake, Ucluelet. The three frogs are a mimic poison frog, a common marsupial frog and a local red legged tree frog.

This special artist conk was collected from a hemlock tree in Clayoquot Sound. The bump protruding from the surface had me intrigued and unsure as to what to portray on this piece. After several months of drying, several more of studying, several ideas later it was a toad that jumped off the canvas and said 'pick me'. I have an affinity to odd numbers, so it would be one (too lonely) three (didn't cover enough surface), or five. Five won out. Finally, lily pads were added to this story of an unlikely group of amphibians gathered in a pond together." - Kelly Carter

Product code: 210-2t
Medium: Hemlock Tree Fungus / Wood Burning
Length: 16"
Depth: 10"
Height: 10"

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