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As a mer-child everyone called her the daydreamer. She drifted along dreaming about what the world was like outside the ocean. She watched the sparkles in the sky and wondered about the tales that were told of how if you followed certain ones you could end up in a land of land. She always wondered what things would be like if she lived on land,'my goodness, how would I get about without my glorious tail?' She wondered if she would use her hands but she could hardly imagine swimming on land and how it would be rough, she had felt the rocky shores.

One season of the skys as she floated along on some kelp many humpback whales started swimming by, curious as was her curious self she drifted and swam and drifted and swam to see where the whales were going. She ended up a very long way away from home and she was uncertain of the direction she should go.

Many days passed as she followed the whales and wondered what would become of her lost self until one evening she heard a song. "Kelpurnia, Kellllllllllpurniaaaaaa!" It was 'Erika' the mer-children's spirit watcher. Erika repeated Kelpernia's name over and over in a soft voice, as Kelpurnia followed the beautiful sound it led her back to her home waters, she knew where she was now. Next time she would not be so curious, or she thought!  - Kelly Carter -

Product code: 210-1j
Medium: Red Cedar / Wood Burning
Length: 25 1/4"
Depth: 1/2"
Height: 10 1/2"

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Carter, Kelly

Carter, Kelly

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