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"Amongst the leafless winter trees a young deer family finds peace. A rippling stream gurgles softly, quenching the soil's thirst, encouraging the growth of grass for the young family to feed upon. Rays of sun filter softly through the snags as cattails sway gently in the breeze. An eagle calls to its mate that glides effortlessly above, seeking a perch for unobstructed vision. The doe gazes silently upward while the fawn nibbles delicate morsels of precious grass. Walk softly in the forest for its many treasures may be found in the silence that exists within it.

This unique tree fungus took approximately one year to dry due to the thickness of its three snugly attached surfaces. It took another six months to determine what design was going to work. I wanted three scenes with similar themes. Tranquillity was the result."

- Kelly Deakin Carter

Overall size - 12" x 17" x 11, A three-tiered tree fungus

Product code: 210-1t
Medium: Hemlock Tree Fungus / Wood Burning
Length: 15 1/2"
Depth: 10"
Height: 11 1/2"

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Carter, Kelly

Carter, Kelly

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