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Angelique Cejka

Jewelry Designer

Sun Shine Coast, British Columbia

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Angelique grew up in a small town in the interior of British Columbia. Her jewelry creating journey began shortly after discovering her love of combining semi precious stones with silver many years ago. Angelique's artistic talents continued to grow while being commissioned to make one of a kind pieces for weddings, birthdays, graduations and special gifts.

"I've been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of metalsmithing in a one-on-one environment in more recent years. I am extremely passionate about the design process. I love creating unique textures while working with mixed metals and beautiful stones as my visions come to life. My teacher and mentor felt I had a natural gift for designing, working with metals and gemstones which inspired me to follow my life-long dream of becoming a jewelry designer.

Sometimes I'll comprise a mix of stones for their complimentary healing properties and the other times for their sheer beauty."          - Angelique Cejka -



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