Combers Beach

"The curling fall of great waves can be a visual cliche, but it is hard to deny the beauty anyway on this back lit day near Tofino." - Ian Fry -

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Marble Eagle

Sea Otter With Sea Star

"Everyone knows sea otters are too cute. They love to lie on their backs in the water and use their belly as a table. They bite the ends of the legs of starfish and suck out the roe. I often see them on the water as a commercial crab fisherman. Crab; something else they love to eat. I love carving their face in stone because they make me smile." - Jeff Edwards -

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Between Sea and Sky

Original acrylic painting on canvas

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Queen Salmon

Queen salmon completing cycle of life with her belly full of salmon eggs

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Staying Close To Mama

'A mother grizzly bear takes her cubs down to the river during the Salmon run where the other grizzlies are fishing'   - Elaine Thompson -

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Mysterious Forest

'Mysterious Forest' was photographed very close to the Kennedy Lake Bridge, gateway to the pristine Clayoquot Arm Provincial Park on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

This photo features one of the oldest and largest cedar trees on the west coast of Vancouver Island at home in the flora and fauna of this untouched old growth rainforest.

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Sea Sparkles

Original oil painting on Canvas

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Sea Eagle - by Cecil Dawson

Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle survived in the time of the flood by trusting in the underwater kingdom. Handcarved and painted red cedar by Kwakuitl First Nations carver Cecil Dawson

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Sold Out Red Cedar Burl Tree Wall Sculpture

Red Cedar Burl Tree Wall Sculpture

Artist: Frank Armich

Sold Out Midnight Set

Midnight Set

Artist: Dan Telosky