Becky Luth

Surf Artist, Painter

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Becky grew up in rural Montana on a farm, having no knowledge of the ocean - or art for that matter. But at an early age she knew she wanted to be a marine biologist. While driving the tractor in the fields or walking through the grain pulling weeds, she would escape into dreams of living on some tropical island studying the reefs,  spending her days in the water.

Later, having graduated from the University of San Diego with a Marine Science/Biology Degree, those dreams became reality. While living in San Diego, Becky began to surf, and it quickly became her life style. Until then, she had never known another experience that encompassed every part of her being, nor shaped it like surfing. Learning to surf humbled her and brought a deep respect for the ocean.

Becky travelled to Australia, Hawaii and Fiji. In 1993 she married her Canadian husband, who is also an artist and art teacher. Together they lived in California, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Tanzania and Hawaii. In 2010, they moved to British Columbia, Canada with their four boys.

Becky began painting while in California. Her husband had introduced her to the world of art, and she eagerly began to paint the beaches and the surf. Her paintings are a collection of memories, feelings, experiences and how it feels to ride the waves. Often they illustrate her interactions with marine life.

Artist Statement

I am very grateful to have seen and lived in many places around the world.
Having been immersed in different cultures and different landscapes I have appreciated the discoveries of various colour palettes in these different environments, and it continually inspires me to paint..

I am intrigued with the patterns and rhythms in nature that reflect and help us to understand
patterns and rhythms in our own lives.

And, I am continually fascinated by the intangible, in the hidden realms of our imaginations, in our dreams and in our mysterious connection with an invisible Creator who has created a visible world for us to explore and appreciate.

"My Surf art is a reflection of my experiences in the water, fun, glassy days, surfing until you can't see the waves anymore, or the occasional surprise of a sea creature to make a session complete.
These paintings are an expression of thankfulness to the creator who designed the ever-changing waves and the ability to ride them, a thrill, a high not made by man....
and it's all for us to enjoy." - Becky Luth