Cathy Stewart


Qualicum Beach

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Cathy spent over thirty years working as a psychiatric nurse in the mental health and addiction field before picking up a paintbrush. In 2003 she began a dedicated interest in oil painting, studying with and being encouraged by accomplished artists Gaby Morrison, Ron Hedricks and Lloyd Major. Her subject matter is diverse but she is inspired by her work in the Canadian Arctic and around the world, and by nature. More recently Cathy has focused on Haida Gwaii Totem Poles. A sailboat trip to the world heritage sites on Moresby Island, commonly known as the Ninstints and Skedans, has inspired her interpretation of these beautiful and decaying works of art.

Artist Statement

As some of my life's commitments and responsibilities changed and allowed me more free time, I responded to a long-time creative urge and began drawing lessons. Prodded on by my teacher and an invisible, relentless muse, I gathered supplies and began painting in oils.
When work is going well, I am lost in my canvas, oblivious of time, immersed in a meditative trance of creative joy. I feel peaceful and fulfilled. I have come to value my hours of painting as very necessary and very vital giving me balance and a deep satisfaction.
As my life evolves, I spend more time artistically and continue to respond to that still voice that cannot be ignored.