Celia Leaman

Fiber Artist


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Before Celia came to British Columbia she dreamed of being in a forest with trees draped with bearded moss. It wasn't until later, when she visited Ucluelet, that she remembered the dream and felt immediate affinity with the wild and beautiful place.

Self taught, Celia is a hands-on person and learns from experimentation. "I used to paint in oils until I discovered how to 'paint' with strands of wool and a felting needle. It's time consuming but very satisfying to see a picture take shape." - Celia Leaman -


Celia began the felting experience when a friend brought her a gift bag of raw wool and a felting needle from Scotland. Her first project was a Scottie dog, and then it snowballed into many different creatures, 'critters' as she calls them. "Each critter has its own personality, so I usually sculpt the head and face first to see who appears. Often I begin with the idea of creating one creature, only to finish with another."

She chooses to dye her own fibers, using Merino wool and silk as she both wet-and needle-felts her creations. Her playful creatures are sculpted from wool with a felting needle.

Artist Statement

"My most recent work is inspired by the west coast. I love to roam and absorb the beauty of the beaches. My creativity is a blessed gift, for which I am truly grateful. It sustains me and enhances my life, as when I am felting I go into a gentler world. I hope my work brings as much pleasure to others as I find in its creation." - Celia Leaman -