Cindy Mawle


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Contemporary West Coast artist Cindy Mawle grew up in the small community of Sooke BC on the southern end of Vancouver Island, amongst a playground of forests and beaches. Her adventurous, independent and determined nature as a child evolved into the driving force behind her creativity today.

"I spend many hours in front of my easel working on large paintings and sometimes feel a need for a creative diversion here and there to clear my mind and take a 'breather'.  I am always trying different creative ideas which many times pop into my head while painting.  I learn from these experiments which I may add to my main painting skills or just build upon the 'diversion project' over time until something truly unique and wonderful comes about. 

There is something that attracts me to a resin coating.  I love how it brings out the brilliance of the artwork and gives it a new tile-like look.  Each piece encases my original artwork or a section of the original.

I texturized each shadow box style frame specifically to create not only just a frame for a small painting but an art piece in its entirety."

- Cindy Mawle -

Artist Statement

"When I was asked the question,"Why do you paint?' I used to answer "because I can't help myself." It was just a fact. Recently I have come to the realization that I paint because I love the challenge. I thrive on overcoming the 'conditioned doubts' I have at the beginning of a painting. I strive to paint how I feel when I view the subject, and over and above the technical elements. My biography states 'determined, adventurous and independent" ....Determined to overcome, adventurous enough to try new adventures and independently striving to reinforce my own personal style." - Cindy Mawle -