Deborah J. Lambson

Jewelry Designer, Glass Artist

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Deborah Lambson began her artistic journey in British Columbia, Canada.  From an early age her surroundings stirred her need to translate texture, colour and spirit into something to be held, viewed or worn.  Over the coming years she dabbled in varied media but nothing struck her soul quite as deeply as the discovery of flame work or the art of making handmade glass beads.  The romance with glass led Deborah to start a business supplying other designers as well as herself with handmade glass beads.  The business was named Sweetwater, in memory of her father.  As a young girl, the family of 8 moved from Vancouver Island to several hundred acres of pristine land on a remote northern corner of British Columbia, near the Halfway River.  There was an underground stream of crystal clear water that bubbled up out of the earth year round and because of that, the ranch became know as the 'Sweetwater'.  Although Deborah now sells her jewelry designs under her own name, familial elements are core and you will always find the presence of 'Sweetwater' in some of her work.  Love of family and roots run deep and influence much of what is created in the artist's studio. 

The raven logo on the jewelry lables was drawn by her granddaughter and approved by her grandson, "He oversees all and keeps a close eye on the details of my work all good ravens do!" - Deborah JLambson -

Artist Statement

My beads are hand crafted using slim rods of Murano glass and torch work...a centuries old technique passed from artisan to artisan. Like secrets...and magic.

Each bead is crafted in my torch using a steel mandrel and rods of glass imported from Italy, Germany and some US specialty glass. Beads are then chosen and paired with natural stone, sterling silver, copper, and gold filled and brass metals.

"I have a love for organic works of art. Earth washed colors, surprising textures, and graceful flow of movement using chain, charms and dangles...This mimic of natural elements is a wonderful play ground that I take constant delight in."
- Deborah JLambson -