Elaine Thompson

Stone Sculptor

Parksville BC

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When her dancing career came to a close, Elaine Thompson received a surprising job offer prospecting for minerals in Northern BC. Through this drastic change in careers, Elaine was introduced both to stone, in its endless diversity of texture and colour, and to the abundant wildlife of the north. 

To while away the many off-hours at camp, Elaine discovered an interest in carving, using the many caribou antlers she found. Carving with bone was too limiting for the three dimensional wild animals she wanted to create, so back in Vancouver she took a short course in soapstone carving and was hooked.

Letting the rock guide her, Elaine feels she cannot force an idea into stone; rather, it presents itself. The rougher the rock, the easier it is to see what waits inside. She trusts her inner voice to tell her when and where to cut, where and when to stop. 

To find completion, she runs her hands over the work, sensing whether this is the right time and place to call it finished.

Artist Statement

As a soapstone carver, I find myself in a difficult position. I have no deep-seated roots in my culture to call upon for creativity. I am closer to the creator, whoever that might be, when I am living in the wilds. The animals have souls; I'm sure of it. They experience the same emotions as humans, the same love for their children, jealousy of siblings, and protectiveness of their mate and home. I truly feel that all animals deserve the same considerations that we as humans give each other.

Hopefully my work will spark a recognition in other people's eyes that we should no longer abuse these kindred spirits.

The more I carve, the more I see.