Erin McAuley

Jewelry Designer

West Kootenay, BC

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Having lived in the West Kootenay region, nestled in the foothills of the rocky mountains, Erin has been integrally shaped by the experience of living in pristine and inspiring surroundings since she was a small child. Nature being foremost of her muses, she gathers countless ideas from her time spent in the wild, and looks to organic shape and form to guide many of her creations. Being a lover of many mediums, she focuses her interests primarily on jewelry and stained glass. Also a lover of travel, she has gathered countless visual inspirations exploring many diverse cultures around the globe.

In her work, Erin aspires to forge a connection between organic and inorganic materials, embracing the contrasting elements and creating a visual union in harmony. The use of natural materials allows for colour to influence the design and ultimately shape the piece. Each creation incorporates the concept of intrinsic flow and uses imagery gleaned largely from nature. Erin hopes to create wearable and inspiring jewlery, offering the wearer an essential connection with the natural world.