Joanne Schofield


Ucluelet, British Columbia

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Joanne Schofield was born and raised on Combers Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island before it became the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. She continued her growing up in nearby Ucluelet.

From a young age, Joanne has always been drawing and painting.

She has developed a unique style and technique for painting in that she paints with a nail, rather than a paint brush! Yes, that's right a common building nail which Joann uses as a paintbrush to spread, texture, dot and scrap away paint.

Joanne is the creator of 'Hey Where's My Rock Now ?'  Facebook page with over 11k followers. The page was inspired by Joanne's painted rocks that could be found almost anywhere in Ucluelet and surrounding areas for people to find. These rocks have traveled to the Great wall of China, to Machu Picchu, and all over the world.