Julia Gyori


Port Alberni, B.C.

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Julia Gyori has loved colours since she was a little girl. In grade one, her tulips were variegated - yellow, orange and red - not just red.

In her early twenties she received a set of oil paints and her successful first landscapes spurred her desire to learn and paint more.

Much later, while raising four children in Kitimat, BC, she took some watercolour painting lessons from Judy Huckerby. Julia soon discovered that the handling of watercolours was markedly different from oil paint.

"There is so much surprise and creativity when experimenting with watercolours; I find that mood is so much easier to express."

Over the years Julia has taken classes and workshops from other artists. She also has a large collection of art books and videos she uses to discover new ideas.

Now living in Port Alberni, near the west coast of Vancouver Island, a place alive with life and colour, Julia finds joy in creating paintings that express her visual voice.