Michelle MacDonald


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Michelle MacDonald's art is abstract, thought provoking, unique and very vibrant. It makes you take a step closer for a better look.

As an artist, Michelle has used many mediums, and in 2018 her artistic passion ignited when she began working in fluid art with the use of pouring paints such as Pebeo Fantasy Paints and acrylics.

'Watching the Paint Dry' is the name of Michelle's little art studio in her home in Port Albion near Ucluelet where she has lived for 38 years.

Artist Statement

"I find pouring with acrylics challenging and exciting, it is always a surprise as you tip the paint off the canvas and beautiful cells and patterns appear, especially as it changes while it dries. The process of mixing and stirring the paint to just the right consistency is relaxing and rewarding.
There are endless choices of colors and pouring methods that produce a unique result every time. I watch with enchanted anticipation as the paints flow, mingle and seep into each other. Every painting is one of a kind with patterns that randomly stretch and morph into faces and wonderful fantastical creatures.
I have become a little preoccupied with the art, everywhere I see colors and movement. I see paint poring every time I see liquids pouring and I can't wait until my next pour."
- Michelle MacDonald -