Norra Mirosevic

Jewelry Designer, Beach Glass Artist

Victoria, BC

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A love of beachcombing for sea glass and collecting extraordinary pieces worldwide for over a decade has helped self-taught Victoria, BC artist Norra Mirosevic amass quite an assortment. This array includes colourful pieces of glass in all shapes and sizes plus vast amounts of ceramic shards from Japanese plates, fine china and unusual cookware. Curious about the origins of these pieces, Norra took her beach-combing hobby to the next level and began to research their histories, learning she had many rare gems in her collection.

A personal philosophy to recycle used goods inspired Norra to "do something" with her treasures. After taking courses in silver smithing and the stained glass method of joining glass with copper foiling, Norra began creating what she likes to call "Tiffany with a twist."

She prefers her work to present enough glass for plenty of light to shine through, while also exhibiting the "Beach glass" look with integrated ceramic pieces, sea shells and driftwood.

Norra creates lively sea glass, three dimensional and relief mosaic sculptures and functional pieces like lamps, candle holders, mirrors and jewelry from these ocean gifts. 

Artist Statement

With the seasons, Mother Nature turns man-made castoffs into Jewels in the Sand.
I love to walk the shores of Vancouver Island to collect these treasures and then transform them into one-of-a-kind mosaics and jewelry for you to enjoy.
Some of this glass is over 100 years old. Some of their origins are medicine bottles, ship wrecks and old canneries that existed when most things were stored in glass. The ocean tumbles the glass to create softness and beauty. I also find many porcelain and ceramic pieces to integrate into my work for even more beauty and interest. I am continuously finding new ways to work these treasures from the sea.