Paul Terris

silver & Goldsmith

Comox, British Columbia

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Paul's interest in working with metal began in grade 9 when he took an art metal course. His teacher told him that, "Metal is a difficult medium to work with because it wasn't previously alive like wood. It takes a lot of effort, and you have to put more of yourself into it before you can get any life out of metal." This concept sparked a desire to do just that, as Paul continued to learn how to add life to a 'dead' medium.

After graduation, Paul went to Beaverton, Oregon where he completed a 6 month diamond setting, jewelry repair and manufacturing course. upon finishing the program, Paul returned to Canada, and began his full-time career as a goldsmith on the mainland, before moving to and settling on Vancouver Island.

 Paul has lived and worked in the Comox Valley area for the past 18 years. He subcontracts in the jewellery manufacturing industry since 1988. In his spare time, he branches out into different techniques of jewelry manufacture and metal working. He also does a lot of research on historical designs, especially when creating sword hilts, knives, helmets or coronets.

Paul is influenced by the motion in a shape. He sees a shape forming, and follows it to a natural end, which often has an unexpected result. He continues to put himself into his work to see what kind of life will grow out of each new piece.

Artist Statement

"I don't look at metal as solid. it's liquid, you just have to know how to move it."