Sheryl Sawchuk


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"Drawing and artwork have been a favorite activity in my life since I was young. Today, I am a full-time painter living on Vancouver Island.

Being an artist is a very personal fulfilling time. I really enjoy taking part in juried shows and art festivals and especially meeting all the art lovers, artists and artisans that abound on the Island.
My paintings are my celebration of beauty and joy in life.

For subject matter I simply look around. Vancouver Island has almost always something wonderful to see at every turn. It doesn't matter if I am on the beach, hiking in the woods, or in my garden, I like to examine things up close so I can explore the details to really appreciate the intricacies that I see. I hope that those who view my art can sense, share in the amazement as well as in the appreciation I have for the subject matter that is celebrated and re-experienced through paint."
- Sheryl Sawchuk -