Light Moments - by Signy Cohen

Light Moments

Glistening sunlight at play in motion on a cresting ocean wave, reflects the coming and going moments of life's experiences. Original oil painting on canvas by Ucluelet artist Signy Cohen

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Teal Salmon with Eggs - by Brian Bob

Teal Salmon with Eggs

The salmon spirit transforms into the people, the land and the animal spirits whom accept it as a gift of nourishment 'The circular way of life' Hand carved/stained yellow cedar by Snaw-naw-as First Nations carver Brian Bob.

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Long Beach - photograph by Martin Kaspers

Long Beach

A standing piece of driftwood caught in the beauty of a west coast sunset. Photographed by Martin Kaspers with a Canon 5D Mark2

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Eagle Hero - by Shannon McWhinney

Eagle Hero

Inspired by a moving personal experience with an injured eagle, artist Shannon McWhinney calls this piece 'Eagle Hero'. Coloured pencil with gold leaf on water colour paper.

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Sea Eagle - by Cecil Dawson

Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle survived in the time of the flood by trusting in the underwater kingdom. Handcarved and painted red cedar by Kwakuitl First Nations carver Cecil Dawson

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Old Man Cedar - Joshua Smolders

Old Man Cedar

A towering ancient cedar in Ucluelet B.C. a lone survivar of the surrounding logged area, an old sage to the young new grow saplings. Original acrylic painting by Ucluelet artist Joshua Smolders

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New Blue Bird Totem Mask

Blue Bird Totem Mask

Artist: Lauren Trimble
Available: Ucluelet

New Queen Salmon

Queen Salmon

Artist: Brian Bob
Available: Ucluelet