Didymus Bernadotte


Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada

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Canadian born, educated and experienced in architecture, engineering and art, Didymus Bernadotte became absorbed in the study of aesthetics and found proportion perfected in ancient architecture and in the study of chaos - those containing the GOLDEN MEAN.

Didymus has developed his own combination of proportion, colour, perspective, harmonies, rhythms and balance. His work is exceedingly simple, yet exquisitly beautiful showing the benign and mathematical universe.

Didymus calls his work "ORTHOPHIGRAPHIC" - meaning "The discipline of drawing using phi (the Greek letter meaning Golden Mean or .618).

Many of his paintings are influenced by memories of his youth: riding horseback under huge blue, frosty skies on the flat white winter landscape of the Canadian prairies. As well, many paintings reflect his time spent on the ocean around Vancouver Island B.C. as seen in his reflected skies, water and landscapes. Others give light to his Scandinavian heritage and upbringing.