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West Coast Cedar
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Price: $1,600.00
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West Coast Cedar

The beautiful natural sculptural shapes of the West Coast Cedar snags stand as monuments of the Old Growth Pacific Rim rainforests.

When alive, the great cedar trees grow new cells in a spiral pattern. The flattened, fan-like scale needles (leaves) of the Cedar tree also grow in a spiral pattern so not to block the sun from the older leaves. The spiral growth directs rain and rainforest dew to the tree root system. This spiral and fractal growth is 1.618. the Golden Ratio.

Ucluelet artist and architect Didymus Bernadotte uses the same mathematical proportions of 1.618, to create harmony, balance and beauty in this West Coast icon painting.

Product code: DB-183
Medium: Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Width: 11"
Height: 42"

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