Cathy White

Clay Artist, Painter


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Since a young age Cathy's life was influenced by the arts. Her father being a commercial artist and her mother a sculptor.

After graduating in 1978 from UBC with a Bachelor of Education - art major, Cathy and her husband moved to Tofino, British Columbia. Today she works in clay at her home pottery studio called Elements.

Cathy is a certified Healing Touch Practitioner. Cathy's one of a kind art works in clay, are both influenced by the incredible west coast environment and her interests in the healing arts.

Artist Statement

"Pottery and energy work are so interconnected. I use elements of the earth, air, fire, and water in my work. The hand built and wheel thrown pieces I create either have symbols of the west coast or healing elements such as Reiki or Chakras. Each hand made plaque or tile piece I make has it's own energy and is unique.
In the last few years I have taught pottery classes through our local community school. The energy of the students I have met has taught me a lot and moved me in new directions. It is a great feeling to pass this joy of 'playing in mud' on to others."