Dan Telosky


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Dan Telosky grew up along the shores of Discovery Passage on Vancouver Island, with a clear view of British Columbia's marine environment. His interest in, and affinity for, B.C.'s working boats has grown over the years. What began as artistic dabbling has advanced to an all-consuming passion.

Departing from Campbell River, his home port, Dan spends countless hours on the water in his own slow moving trawler 'Ocean Symphony'. It is impossible not to be inspired while being immersed in a marine environment like this.

What marks Dan's style is his focus on detail and his need to get as close as possible to the real thing. "I continue to be motivated by the endless wonderful scenes that I experience each time I get on the water." - Dan Tolosky -

It takes many hours for Dan to painstakingly produce a painting that completes his vision without compromise. The marine paintings of Dan Telosky are a combination of his keen eye and an understanding that comes from years of being on the water.

Dan is a member of the Canadian Federation of Artists and the International Society of Marine Painters.

Artist Statement

"As a young man, I used to look at a tree and see just a tree. Today I look at a tree and I see all the possibilities, details and subtleties...it is amazing and keeps me inspired. The water is even more so and it is always in flux. Quite often as I travel in Ocean Symphony, I will round a point and the water conditions change drastically. The wind is different, the light is new, and the current and colour has changed.
I am a very lucky guy. I live in an absolutely beautiful place and have a great boat to get out and see it and to be able to capture the beauty by painting is just another bonus." - Dan Telosky -