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Katsumi Kimoto's profound appreciation for abstract beauty finds its roots in his upbringing on the Pacific coast within the coastal community of Ucluelet, BC. Growing up surrounded by the natural world, he spent his days and nights on the beach, among windblown trees, and enveloped by the rhythmic embrace of the ocean. This immersive environment instilled in him a lasting fascination with the intricate and grand dimensions of nature's abstraction.

Developing a profound connection with the inherent artistry of the natural world, Kimoto's fascination goes beyond specific subjects, serving as a guiding force in his artistry. It compels him to unveil the intrinsic beauty found within the interplay of paint - an elegance emblematic of the very essence of the medium itself.        With over two decades of experience, Katsumi has been deeply immersed in the dynamic world of art galleries in Vancouver, taking on various roles such as director, curator, gallery owner and artist. Thriving in the vibrant contemporary scene, he has also lent his expertise to private and corporate collectors, galleries and events.   Katsumi's professional artistic journey began with the attainment of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (with distinction) from Concordia University in Montreal, QC. Prior to that, his art education was enriched by a Diploma in Visual Arts (with honors) from Kwantien College in Surrey, BC. Complementing his artistic pursuits and enhancing his professional acumen, he completed a Senior Management Certificate in Business & New Media Design from BCIT in Burnaby, BC.

More recently, Katsumi found himself at a crossroads, leading to a life-altering decision to uproot from bustling city life and return to the tranquil haven of his hometown, Ucluelet, BC. This unexpected turn urged him to decelerate and refocus on cherished relationships, family, friendships and community. Eagerly anticipating a new chapter, Katsumi is prepared to embark on a journey of self-discovery, feeling his roots burrowing into familiar soil and subject matter. This return after two decades reignites the creativity of his childhood and formative years.

Artist Statement

"I firmly believe that work should be a form of recreation-a fulfilling daily practice and labor of love. This transformative journey has reaffirmed the notion that true happiness is found in loving what you do and spending days with those held closest to the heart." - Katsumi Kimoto -