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Robert Andrews

Wood Designer, Stone Sculptor

Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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Robert Andrews' hand crafted boxes are a favourite at Reflecting Spirit Gallery. His fine craftmanship with attention to the unique use of high quality hardwoods found on Mayne Island, and the finishing of each piece, creates one of our more popular items.

Robert enjoys all aspects of box building. He uses a thin-curf saw so as not to waste too much wood to the cut. The inside of one box actually becomes the outside of the next box creating a 'family' of boxes; thereby utilizing as much of the wood as possible. Each box is expertly finished on the inside with soft brown velvet flock and faux fur fabric. The bottoms are covered in soft leather to take care to not scratch fine furniture.

Robert Andrew's unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery boxes are made from: Arbutus, Big Leaf Maple, Alder and Yew Wood. His boxes range in size, style and function to include storing photos, remote controls, cigars, pencils and pens, and collectibles. Some boxes have been valued as urns to hold pet ashes.