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Sold OutEastern Red Cedar Box
  • Eastern Red Cedar Box
  • Eastern Red Cedar Box
  • Eastern Red Cedar Box
  • Eastern Red Cedar Box
  • Eastern Red Cedar Box
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Eastern Red Cedar Box

A handsome red cedar box made from aromatic Eastern Red Cedar showcases the three layers of wood in the cedar tree. The bark, is featured on the front of the box. Next is the light coloured sapwood. Sapwood is young, soft and clear of imperfections. Heartwood makes up the main body of this box. The heartwood is older and a harder wood, deep and rich in colour, containing knots and imperfections..

The box opens with a brass piano hinge to the inside dimensions of 11" length x 3 1/2" width x 1/1/2" deep. The interior walls are natural cedar wood grain. The floor is covered in a soft brown faux fur lining.

Product code: 120-53t
Medium: Eastern Red Cedar
Length: 13 5/8"
Width: 5 3/4"
Height: 2 3/4"

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