Norm Moyen

Wood Carver

Victoria, B.C. Canada

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Norm Moyen is a carver who lives in a log house in the woods of Metchosin on Vancouver Island, BC. His family share their acreage with deer, elusive cougars, and black bears. Norm and his family watch eagles, hawks, owls and ravens from their home. Once they were lucky enough to observe a wolf. Norm Moyen and his wife felt privileged to have been in the presence of a pod of killer whales and have seen many gray whales while whale-watching in Ucluelet, BC.

All of Norm's carvings are created using BC wood and stone. He carves outdoors in an empty horse stall. The roof leaks a little, but it gets plenty of light. Sometimes when he glances up he'll see a deer watching him; other times he hears the beat of raven wings or the piercing shriek of a hawk. Norm doesn't have to look far for his inspiration.

Norm has been carving for about 20 years. Each wood carving he creates is formed, burned, then brushed clean. This process reveals the raised sap grain in contrast to the softness of the carved contours, making the finished figure visually and texturally exciting. The grain's patterns are pleasing to touch.