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The word 'Raku' means 'joy' or 'happiness'.

Raku is an ancient Japanese method of firing pottery developed in the 16th century. It is used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Raku firing is usually done outdoors. The artwork is removed from the 1800 degrees F. kiln with tongs when the glaze is molten hot. The piece is then placed in a container with grass, sawdust or newspaper. This flammable material bursts into flames upon contact. Oxygen is then cut off to the flames by placing a lid on the container. This creates a thick carbon smoke which is drawn into the clay, blackening the claybody. The carbon also accents any cracking that has occurred in the glaze due to the extreme temperature changes. Once cooled, the raku artwork is taken from the container and placed in water. It is scrubbed clean, exposing the unusual colours and patterns signature to raku firing. No two pieces are ever alike.

Raku pottery is decorative only. It will not hold water.

Sold OutRaven Vase

Raven Vase

Artist: Corry Lunn
Available: Ucluelet

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