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Eagle Box
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Eagle Box

"Ch'aak" is Tlingit for Eagle.

There are those who bring wounded or injured eagles back to health. Once rejuvenated the eagle is released.

A newly-healed and released eagle caught a king salmon and dragged it to shore in front of the rescuing family's house. He left it there, and flew up into a tree to watch. The human family throughout the day did not pay attention to the king salmon. The eagle became angry, flew down and tore up the king salmon, devouring it. And so we are told, when in need, the eagle will help you to pay back his gift. And the respect that we are paying to the eagle today, that gift will be paid back to us."
- Victor Michael West -

Limited Edition of 200 prints. Printed on Epson Somerset Velvet archival fine art paper.

Product code: VW-Eagle Box
Medium: Limited Edition Giclee Print on Archival Fine Art Paper
Width: Image 18"
Height: Image 11"