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Spawning Salmon
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Spawning Salmon

Spawning Salmon is a hand printed relief block cut print Inspired by the natural beauty of the Western Vancouver Island, Allison represents in this print, sockeye salmon. This Pacific species is primarily of red color during spawning; the moment when the salmon enter the final race of their life and swim upstream to the waters where they were born. 

Each color in the image is created by carving a soft rubber pad, rolling ink onto it and pressing paper to the block. This process is repeated for each color until the image is complete. Layer by layer, this process involves taking risk with unconventional colors. On this print, the artist plays with the contrast between the red, green and blue color to create this vibrant print.

 Limited Edition of 10 prints
Artist signed and numbered
Each print may vary slightly from other prints in the edition as they are individually hand-printed .

Limited Edition ART PRINT $400.00

Product code: 127-CSalmon
Medium: Hand Pulled Relief Block Cut Print
Width: Image 18"
Height: Image 12"