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The Race
  • The Race
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Price: $200.00
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The Race

"Octopus are not exactly known for their speed. Don't get me wrong, they can glide fairly quickly along the ocean floor, but they don't generally spend a lot of time bustling about.

Merboy and George have known each other since they were both wee ones. They often spend there days trying to see who is faster than the other. They each possess skills that the other does not have and they continually attempt to out smart one another.

Today is the big race, all the ocean friends have come to watch, Merboy grins as they take off, the two of them have a plan of their own....what do you think their plan is? Make one up of your own!"
- Kelly Carter -

Product code: 210-2j
Medium: Red Cedar / Wood Burning
Length: 25 1/4"
Depth: 1/2"
Height: 10 1/2"

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Carter, Kelly

Carter, Kelly

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