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Sea Bear Mask
  • 'Sea Bear Mask'
  • 'Sea Bear Mask'
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Sea Bear Mask

"In the time of the flood, Undersea Kingdom told the land creatures they could save themselves if they came into the sea where they would be able to breathe again ten feet under the water. The animals that trusted and believed survived the flood, and lived a part of their lives under water. They developed gills, yet returned to their natural state when the waters abated." - Cecil Dawson, Kwakuitl Nation

Sea Bear is one of the flood's survivors and became part of the underwater kingdom. He is identifiable by the suckers on his forehead.

Product code: 91-4um
Medium: Red Cedar / Red Cedar Bark / Acrylic Paint
Length: 8"
Width: 6"
Height: 9 1/2"
Weight: 0.774kg

Meet the artist

Dawson, Cecil

Dawson, Cecil

Born into a family of artists, Cecil Dawson began his artistic career at a very young age. His grandfather Jimmy Dick, a totem and mask carver, taught Cecil the intricacies of carving. Cecil also spent time under the tutelage of his cousin, mask c...

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