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Sold OutNative Sun Platter
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Native Sun Platter

A beautiful native sun motif glass platter created by glass artist Shannon Shepherd.

Six layers of glass where used in the making of this platter. The platter base is a  white sheet of glass and the upper surface a black sheet. The sun design has four distinct layers, seen in the contrasting black and white image. Each piece of glass is cut individually and layered one on top of another. The assembled glass is put into a kiln, which is heated up to 1470%. At this temperature the glass pieces melt, fusing together into a single piece of glass. This process, along with a slow cool down time takes 15 hours. Another 15 hours is added for re-heating, so the newly designed glass can slump into a mold, forming the platter shape.

"Working with glass in this way can be very exciting, one never knows what the glass will do." -Shannon Shepherd-

Product code: 47-145m
Medium: Fused Slumped Glass
Length: 14 1/2"
Width: 14 1/2"
Height: At Corners 2 1/4"

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