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Sisuitl Mask
  • Sisuitl Mask
  • Sisuitl Mask
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Price: $8,000.00
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Sisuitl Mask

A dramatic supernatural creature, the double-headed Sea Serpent, or Sisiutl, is one of the most high ranking crests. It can transform from animal to man at any time or change itself into a self-propelled canoe which the owner must feed with seals. Whether carved or painted, the Sisiutl is always depicted thus: a human head in its centre, while at both ends of its serpentile form are two animal heads in profile, with teeth and large curled tongues. Fins run along its back and curled appendages or horns rise from all three heads. The painted body represents scales. Sisiutl guarded the entrance to homes of supernatural beings. It was painted on the sides of canoes and hung over doorways to protect the inhabitants from evil spirits.
Product code: 91-48um
Medium: Red Cedar / Red Cedar Bark / Acrylic paint
Length: 58 1/2"
Height: 15"