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Sold OutWhale Hunter Paddle #2
  • Whale Hunter Paddle #2
  • Whale Hunter Paddle #2
  • Whale Hunter Paddle #2
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Whale Hunter Paddle #2

The story of Whale Hunter comes from Tloquaht

Trained at a young age to be a whale hunter, Heesh-kaa was close to 14 years old when he caught his first whale. He was very strong and would spiritual bath (usymch) at his sacred pool. His medicine 'his spiritual beliefs where asaid to save him when a wild man (sasquatch) tryed to drown him by holding his head under water while he was in at his sacred pool. Heesh-kaa grew to be one of the most successful whale hunters of his time.

Collaboration with Arnold Frank

Product code: GM-26e
Medium: Hand Carved Yellow Cedar / Inlaid Abalone Shell
Length: 55"
Width: 5 3/4"
Depth: 3/4"