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Arillia Leaf Glass Platter
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Price: $119.00
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Arillia Leaf Glass Platter

Each Arillia leaf on this plate has been hand crafted one leaf at a time. Coloured frit (granulated glass) is placed in a leaf mold, then fired at 1470% for approximately 14 hours. Glass artist Shannon Shepherd then arranged these three leaves into a plate design which was placed in the kiln a second time at a lower temperature, approximately 1230% for 15 hours. At this temperature, the leaves are tac fused together so not to lose detail. The plate is placed in the kiln a third time for the slumping process where the leaves slump into a mold for the desired plate shape. This temperature is 1330% for about 15 hours

Product code: 47-41t
Medium: Molded/Fused / Slumped Glass
Length: 14"
Width: 15 1/4"
Height: 1 1/8"

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