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Sticky Tentacles
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Price: $1,200.00
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Sticky Tentacles

"This little guy oozed out of one of our prawn traps and attempted to nab another prawn while figuring out his exit strategy.
He had been feasting on the prawns as they became caught in our trap and was still feasting as we pulled the trap into the boat. This octopus then proceeded to squeeze its way out through the netting, not the first time this has happened. Once out of the trap, he crawled down the side of the boat, over our paddles, grabbed one of the prawns that had tumbled onto the floor of the boat and began to crawl up the boat.
It was fun to watch and it is why this artwork is called "Sticky Tentacles".

- Shannon McWhinney -

Product code: 69-1b
Medium: Original Acrylic/Oil Painting on Canvas
Width: 18"
Depth: 1 1/2" Painted Sides
Height: 36"

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